Dullahan - Armor & Ash

Armor & Ash Show Off Some Undead

Restless Entropy Games, the publisher for Armor & Ash, is showing off some new artwork for their Undead faction. From their page:

The Undead are one of four playable factions in Armor & Ash, a two player, head to head, battle card game. Undead are a blight upon the living, they seek to eradicate all forms of life. Not persuaded by territory lines, politics, or any other thing that motivates the living to wage war, Undead only care about death.

Ghoul - Armor & AshShown in this post is the Ghoul and Dullahan. Both look fairly fearsome. The game is shaping up to look quite nice. Armor & Ash was demoed at both Origins and Gen Con and if you were lucky enough to get in a demo, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Do you know enough about the game yet to have a favorite faction? The Board Game Geek pages lists Vikings, Undead, Forest Elves, and Ghob-lings as the core factions. For me, it is a tough choice between the Undead and Forest Elves. I always like things with an affinity with Nature but the Undead are just so unrelentingly fierce.

I can’t wait for this game to hit Kickstarter. Head over to their page and sign up for their Kickstarter Launch Notification List so you won’t miss out.


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