vasty wilds

Become Lost in the Vasty Wilds

LANSING, MI, August 29, 2017 – Game company Made by Wombat to release a fast-paced, lovingly-illustrated board game for two to four players. A Kickstarter to fund the game’s production will run from August 29, 2017, to September 18, 2017.

Vasty Wilds

About the game:

In Vasty Wilds, players take on the role of a small forest creature chasing after objectives in an ever-expanding forest. The player who collects all her goals first wins. The variable setup of each game means the shape of the forest (the board) will be different with each playthrough.

Vasty Wilds is for two to four players aged 12+, and requires 30 to 50 minutes to play. Play begins with placement of the Root cards, forming a base game board for players to expand upon. When a player places a card on her turn, her pawn moves toward an objective, and a misfortune is visited upon her opponent. Vasty Wilds is simple to learn but has many tactical options available as gameplay progresses.

vasty wilds

“Vasty Wilds is a supremely fun, modular exploration game that has some of the best pawns/meeples I’ve ever seen. The artwork and imagination really push the game over the top and make Vasty Wilds an instant buy. I think Vasty Wilds will appeal to a wide range of gamers, from casual to hobbyist.”

Board Game Authority

vasty wilds

“At this point in time (and maybe over 200 posts later) I’ve come to appreciate the effort that goes into custom work. This could translate to cards, mechanics, meeples, or game play. Every once and a while I run into some really innovative ideas turned board game and just ‘wow’ at the opportunity to witness this.”


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