Chaosmos Cosplay Vroon the Adventurer

The aliens in Chaosmos are just plain weird, and rightly so, being partially based on aliens encountered in the book “Interstellar Pig”.  The fact that one of those aliens, Vroon the Adventurer, has been brought to life is amazing.  Chaosmos is a space exploration themed game where players control a unique alien race in search of the Ovoid, the only item in existence that will save you when the universe collapses in on itself.  A hidden information game that contains combat, a modular board, and a unique envelope system for hiding cards, Chaosmos is certainly worth checking out.

Credits –
Cosplayer: Sam Vest @VestFilms
Character: Vroon the Adventurer from the board game Chaosmos
Photographer: Richard Miles
Taken at Gen Con 2014

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