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Confirmed: 3 Doors Down Loves Kingdom Death

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, 3 Doors Down front man, Brad Arnold, went on record saying he enjoys playing Kingdom Death: Monster while on tour.

“It’s the first thing we pack before leaving for a tour. We make sure it’s on the bus or we don’t get on. When you are on the road as much as we are, you need something to take your mind off things and a fun activity to just pass the time. Kingdom Death provides a unique outlet for both of those things.”

Brad went on to talk about how he played a very early prototype of Kingdom Death: Monster years before it was released.

adam poots 3 doors down kingdom death monster

“We were hanging out with Poots in New York, this is shortly after our first record deal, and he shows us some weird sketches and starts talking about a few lonely lanterns against the darkness. One night, it was like 2AM I think, we just all started playing. At the time, only me Todd, and Matt were in the band, so, along with Adam, we each took control of a single Survivor. I still remember naming that first Survivor.”

Shockingly, Brad went on to say the song “When I’m Gone” is clearly a reference to Kingdom Death.

“When you love something like Kingdom Death, and trust me, the entire band loves this game, it is difficult not to pay tribute to it. This is just our little way of thanking Adam Poots for bringing Kingdom Death: Monster into the world.”

Source: Rolling Stone magazine, online article.

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  1. Lyrics:
    “There’s another world inside of me that you may never see
    There’s secrets in this life that I can’t hide
    Somewhere in this darkness there’s a light that I can’t find
    Maybe it’s too far away, maybe I’m just blind”

    Whoa, is that a Bone Witch talking, or maybe that’s just high insanity?

    “So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong
    Hold me when I’m scared and love me when I’m gone
    Everything I am and everything in me
    Wants to be the one you wanted me to be
    I’ll never let you down even if I could
    I’d give up everything if only for your good
    So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong
    You can hold me when I’m scared you won’t always be there
    So love me when I’m gone, love me when I’m gone”

    Clearly, they have a strong sense of Collective Toil and a Partnership bond.

    “Love me when I’m gone, whoa
    Love me when I’m gone, when I’m gone
    When I’m gone, when I’m gone”

    Orator of Death fighting art, Encourage, in full effect.

    Now that I know the truth behind the song, it makes perfect sense!

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