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Cthulhu Solid Wood Coasters on Kickstarter

Cthulhu coastersYou need to look at these awesome, solid-wood Cthulhu themed coasters. Seriously, stop what you are doing and take a look. Flipping amazing, right? These are something I need in my life. This is the type of item that gives you instant geek-cred and adds both charm and envy to your gatherings.

Absolutely great for everyday use, Cthulhu can now keep your table free from condensation rings. Play any Cthulhu themed board games or RPGs? Then these coasters offer the perfect way for keeping track of the various roles around the table. Currently, there is a coaster for Cthulhu/Keeper, Antiquarian, Criminal, Parapsycologist, and Private Eye. There are stretch goals to unlock other Cthulhu coasters kickstarterdesigns, such as the Tribal Member, Soldier, Musician, Deep One, Journalist, and more.

If you need different roles or are looking for something not tied to Cthulhu then check out https://www.rpgcoasters.com/coasters/ where they have 28 additional designs ready for purchase. Classic roles like the Bard, Paladin, Druid, Ranger, and Cleric are all represented. They even have a really nice looking Game Master coaster; what better way to earn the favor of your GM?

I put these coasters to the test and I can’t find anything bad to say about them. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and they do everything they are designed to do. In addition to looking good, they provide a functional solution for when someone wants to put their glass on the table during game night.

Cthulhu coastersThe Campaign Details

These Cthulhu themed coasters are available right now on Kickstarter. They are available in Black Walnut, Cherry, and Hard Maple. They are made from a single, solid piece of wood so they are ultra durable. They also have felt backing, which means they won’t damage your table or other surface.

A router is used to make the intricate designs, as opposed to a laser. This means there aren’t any discolored edges, no burnt smell, and no soot. I consider this a huge bonus, plus the router makes the artwork look fantastic.

In addition to the coasters, stands, dice boxes, and wall plaques are also available. The wall plaque is huge and I’m fairly positive I need that in my game room. There is also the option to add custom text, which would make for an awesome gift.

This is the second Kickstarter campaign from RPGcoasters.com and, as of posting this, the campaign is already 58% funded. Back now with confidence.Cthulhu coasters

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