don't turn your back

Don’t Turn Your Back – Now on Kickstarter

Evil Hat brings great games to the table, and they’re proud to introduce the latest via their Kickstarter for Don’t Turn Your Back. With a unique combination of deck building and worker placement elements, and a design that creator Eric B. Vogel has called one of his best yet, this board game offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. Evil Hat has paired Eric’s amazing design with their Mad City setting — seen in RPG form as Don’t Rest Your Head and fiction as Don’t Read This Book — and combined that with lush, psychedelic, dark, wonderful art from master photomanipulator George Cotronis.

In Don’t Turn Your Back, players walk the twisted streets of the Mad City in a board game that fuses worker placement with deck building. Extract dreams in the City Slumbering and use them to buy favors from Nightmares. Procure special services in the Bizarre Bazaar. Score points through skillful play in Mother When’s deadly High School, and the sinister 13th District. Compete for the Wax King’s favor, and the ultimate prize…escape!

Kickstarter backers receive electronic access to the game, as well as options including electronic and print versions of Evil Hat’s other Mad City products. Back the project before March 4th to get in on the insanity. Can you outsmart your friends and win the Nightmares’ game? Whatever you do, Don’t Turn Your Back!

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