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Find My Monsters, A Cute Children’s Game

find my monsters kickstarterIf you are looking for a fantastically cute kid’s game, look no further than Find My Monsters by Nostalgic Big Kid Games, which is now live on Kickstarter.  At its core, Find My Monsters is a set of cards that can be used to play at least two unique games.

The first game is a delightfully clever twist on the classic memory game.  Instead of finding mere matches, in Find My Monsters, players must find one human and one monster that share the same color background.  This adds a new and exciting twist and level of complexity to the basic memory matching game most of us are used to.  There is also a unique mechanic where it is possible to obtain two monsters on your turn instead of just find my monsters kids gameone.  The goal of the game is to be the player with the most monsters when there are no more cards left to match.  Since it is possible to obtain two monsters on your turn, having the most monsters doesn’t necessarily mean having the most matches.

The second game also pairs up a human card with a monster card, but focuses on points instead of the number of monsters.  In this game there is a “river” that constantly refreshes.  Players are dealt four cards to start out with and try to pair up their cards to gain the most points.  For adults, this game is almost entirely driven by luck as it is easy to quickly add up the numbers on the cards and take the highest point total available to you.  find my monsters game 2For children though, some are more impulsive and are just as likely to pick the card closest to them as the one with the most points.  This is where Mama and Papa Gamer come into the picture, teaching the seemingly simple strategy of always going for the highest point value.  As adults, it is easy to take this strategy for granted, but it is rewarding to be able to teach it to your child and this game allows that in a nicely packaged way.

The artwork is fun, cute, and very well done.  All of the monsters are unique and have equally unique, fun names like Boxie, Chomper, Beans, Hiccup, Socks, and Bonzo.  While the game itself is highly portable, with all of the contents fitting in a slim tuck box that easily fits into a pants find my monsters memory gamepocket or purse, the matching version of the game does take up quite a bit of surface space.

Both versions of the game were a hit with the 6, 9 and 10 year olds that I tasked with playing the game.  After teaching and playing each version of the game with them, the ten-year-old, a boy, wanted to play the points version again while the nine-year-old, a girl, wanted to play the matching version of the game a second time.  The six-year-old was content to just be playing the game.  Each of my little reviewers remarked that they enjoyed the game and even played a couple of sessions without me.  While the fun factor was definitely there, it was also nice to see their little gears turn while reading the names of the cards, adding up point totals, or finding the coveted two monster match.  There was a lot of laughter throughout the games and it is clear that Find My Monster was an instant hit.

For a bit more challenge, the wife and I decided to play the memory version of the game using the points on the cards.  This forced us to seek out and go after high point cards as opposed to random flips.

I think Find My Monsters will make a great addition to any household with children.  You can help support Find My Monsters by checking out their Kickstarter page, making a pledge, and ultimately helping make Find My Monsters a reality.

((Note that I received a prototype copy and that aspects of the game are subject to change before the final product is made))

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