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Golem Academy now on Kickstarter

The multi-player fantasy game features four unique characters and endless training and combat sequences for an unparalleled gaming adventure enhanced by stunning original artwork.

Atlanta, GA — Silly Kid Games, LLC has launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to promote and fund the release of its new action anime-inspired Golem Academy card game.

golem academy charactersGolem Academy transports players to Dark Tree Village in the mythical world of the Golems—powerful protectors brought to life by the magic of the Dark Tree. There, wielders must face off in the training arena, learning to fuse with their Golems and control their power in order to defend the world from evil. The game box includes more than 200 cards and four exclusive play boards featuring brilliant full-color action anime illustrations.

“I am very proud of our artist,” says Chief Creative Officer Justin Powell. “He has helped us realize our vision of putting the life and energy of the action anime genre into an exciting and highly playable card game.”

More information about the project and pledge levels, along with photos and killer original artwork, may be found on the Golem Academy website and Kickstarter page.

The object of Golem Academy is to defeat all other characters during training using various cards to attack, defend, power up, and perform additional actions. Game play begins after each player chooses one of four main characters, each of whom will attempt to fuse with his or her unique Golem by building up stats (such as strength, agility, speed) that count toward fusion. In addition, special Combo Cards may be used to inflict a series of attacks on an opponent and may allow an “unfused” character to achieve victory early in the game. Players begin each turn with eight cards, and play boards are used to track bond. The more bond a wielder gains, the closer that player comes to fusing with his or her Golem.

golem academy game

“Our goal was to create something visually appealing, but that was easy enough for even novice gamers,” says Lead Game Designer Daniel Lees. “I’m convinced we’re creating a product that everyone will enjoy.”

Golem Academy is designed for 2 to 4 players, ages 15 and up. Game play typically averages 30 to 45 minutes. The game is set for retail distribution by late 2015, and designers are currently working on an expansion deck as well as additional characters and combat landscapes.

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