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Got ‘Em A Modern Classic Strategy Game

got em bright sideAre you looking for a great two (to four) player board game that is reminiscent of your favorite childhood classics? What about a game that is fun for both adults and children? Well, look no further than Got ‘Em, a fun game where the goal is to trap your opponent’s pawn.

The fun of Got ‘Em is trying to outwit your opponent before they outwit you. Gameplay is straightforward and easy to learn, simply place a wall on the board and move your pawn. While the game is easy to learn and quick to get started, you will need a decent strategy to capture your opponent’s pawn. The game board is double sided with one side being less thinky (called the Bright side) and uses cards to determine where walls may be got em bright sideplaced and how many spaces your pawn may move. The other side is called Brainy and removes the card drawing aspect. Because of the unlimited nature of the Brainy side, it is more challenging, but also more rewarding. With either version, victory is never certain but it sure is sweet.

The game is definitely fun for two players, but can be played with three or four players. Playing with more than two players can lead to one player feeling ganged up on though. It also opens up player elimination, which is certainly no fun if you are the first player to get trapped in a four player game. For me, two players is the sweet spot; two minds pitted against each other with only one able to be victorious.

got em board game componentsThe components, and even the game board, are all plastic (except for the cards). This lends to the classic vibe that is apparent in Got ‘Em. The three dimensional aspect of placing walls on the board makes this game shine. It can become quite tense when your own pawn starts to get cornered. You can see your options for escape get more limited each round and pulling off an excellent escape maneuver is downright thrilling.

While gameplay is not at all like Checkers, and I really don’t want to associate one with the other, I feel Got ‘Em exists in a similar realm, that is, it is a good tool for teaching children a bit of strategy and how to look at things critically, with a varied perspective. Thinking a turn or two ahead is a must if one hopes to win and I’m a fan of almost anything that can help a child think in such a “big picture/ what should I do next” type fashion.

The replay value is high due to the fact that in each game you are facing off against another human. The storage solution isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done with no real complaints. And speaking of complaints, there isn’t a lot that I can complain about concerning Got ‘Em. Calliope is known for their gateway, family friendly games and Got’ Em certainly fits this description.   It is easily a modern classic and is worth picking up, especially if you enjoy two player, head-to-head games. It is decently portable and makes for a great addition to any got 'em gamegame library.

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