heroes of metro city components

Heroes of Metro City Unboxing

Who likes super hero games? Who likes deck building games? I raised my hand for both of those questions, which is why I recently purchased Heroes of Metro City. I haven’t actually played the game yet, but expect a full review soon. In the meantime, bask in some unboxing pics below.

A few things drew me to this game. The first is the player name plates. At the start of the game, each player uses a dry erase marker (included) and writes down the name of their superhero. This might not seem noteworthy, but with my gaming group it will definitely add some humor and open up discussion. I’m looking forward to some hilarious superhero names.

Second, as stated above, I’m a sucker for superheroes and I love deck building games. Put those two things together and I’m hoping for an awesome gaming experience. The art looks pretty good too.  Full Heroes of Metro City review can be found here.

heroes of metro city box

heroes of metro city – under the lid

heroes of metro city – rulebook

heroes of metro city – inside the box1

heroes of metro city – player name plates

heroes of metro city – inside the box2

heroes of metro city – storage area

heroes of metro city – components

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