clash! dawn of steam

Jared Barry talks about Clash! Dawn of Steam

Richard Miles interviews Jared Barry of Mad Ape Games. Jared has an active Kickstarter campaign running for Clash! Dawn of Steam right now.

Topics covered:
Who makes up the Mad Ape Games team.
The importance for back story and theme in a game.
The different factions in Clash! Dawn of Steam.
The difference between Jared’s first Clash! Kickstarter campaign and the current one.
The deck building aspect of Clash! Dawn of Steam.

2 Replies to “Jared Barry talks about Clash! Dawn of Steam”

  1. Thanks for this podcast, Mr.Miles. I actually had seen Clash on The Game Crafter and didn’t give it a second thought. Not only did you two peek my interest in the game, but you really illustrated the importance of being active on forums like BGG.

  2. Hi Derik and thanks for the comment.

    For crowdfunding, it is especially important to be an active part of the community. As the Sage, Richard Bliss, says: Crowdfunding is more about the crowd than funding. If you build up your crowd then you won’t have problem funding.

    Plus, almost no one does their best work in a vacuum. As Jared said, his game was originally just called “Clash”, but it was people on the forums of BGG that suggested (and rightly so) that he add something to the name.

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