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London duo launch controversial new card game

London, United Kingdom, 23nd February, 2016

Two British graduates have successfully launched an entry into the rapidly expanding market for grown up party games. The innovative Common Decency, is played by predicting other players’ responses to some of the most outrageous, hilarious, depraved and potentially compromising dilemmas imaginable, all beautifully phrased on a series of cards.

common decency cards

The first trial batch of 50 sold out within an hour of a single social media post going viral.  The second batch of 500 packs available via pre-order, sold out in two days. This runaway success meant that they have skipped crowdfunding altogether and the business is now well and truly up and running, having sold so far in over 20 countries. Packs two and three are in design.

The appeal of the game is its small, portable size, low cost and ease of play, coupled with the comedic gold of its questions. These are carefully chosen to be as funny and offensive as possible, without resorting to any “edgy” flirtations with racist/sexist/homophobic humour, instead relying on outrageous imagery, decidedly grown up content and highly imaginative conundrums: Avoiding the lazy jokes, you will find yourselves debating a tantalising proposition involving the performance of salacious behaviour with a leprechaun.

Card Stack

The game evolved during a rainy beach holiday in Wales last summer. Over the course of week, they got bored of the games they had, so ended up writing their own, drawing features from their favourites among the existing games they had. The story might have ended there, except they decided on a whim to take their hand-written game to a house party. It was a big hit, bigger than the next day’s hangovers, and afterwards they received many requests to design and print the completed version that’s now on sale.

The London duo, who met as university students and members of the same Army Reserve unit, have a website at, and are also active on social media, where they showcase their other hobby, video stunts involving swords, alcohol and pyrotechnics.

Twitter: @JamesandWillieG
Imgur: JamesandWillieG

common decency cards

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