marvel cosplay group 2013

Marvel Group Cosplay

Today’s featured cosplay is a whole group of Marvel cosplayers. I absolutely love group cosplay, there is just something about seeing so many iconic characters in one place. This shot was taken many years ago (2013) at Dragon Con in Atlanta. This is actually a small group shot as it had been raining and most of the cosplayers stayed inside; understandably, they probably didn’t want to get their outfits wet.

Can you name everyone shown in the image?  I’m fairly on top of my Marvel characters but I think there are a few that I don’t recognize.  But, I’m supremely happy to see a few lessor known Marvel characters, like Owen Reese, the Molecule Man and Kang, who is a little more well known than Molecule Man but isn’t widely cosplayed.  Also, there are TWO Firestars, two!  That never happens.

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