maybe capital

Maybe Capital: Pitch your worst startup idea here!

Maybe Capital is the first accurate and fully sarcastic board game about Silicon Valley.

This is the best board game you’ll ever play, and the best fake money you’ll ever make.

You, as a VC-in training, will get to pitch companies to your friends, based on 2 cards you pick up (ex. Uber for Organic Sausages).
You’ll then have to convince the other members of the board that your idea is the best, and that you should get ALL THE MONEY.

maybe capital

Maybe Capital is now inviting you to join the new form of capitalism, because what is a board meeting after all, but a table, some VCs and a mind game?

You’ll stop in places like Marin County, where you’ll smoke pot with someone famous and collect 5 Millions Dollars! Your ultimate goal is to get to Burning Man to host a transformational VIP Disruption Camp and collect 6 Investors and 10 Millions Dollars!

When you pick up a pitch card, or land on a pitch space, you and other 6 other VC players will pitch companies based on 2 cards that you pick up.

maybe capital

It’s your job to make your pitch convincing to the other players because they will all be investing a certain amount of their investment cards into your company, and if you don’t sound like you know what you’re talking about, it’ll just be …awkward.

As you move around the board, you’ll be instructed to take certain actions, according to the networking cards you pick up every turn. Sometimes you’ll be a hero, and sometimes your weird le croix addiction will be highlighted.

maybe capital

You can declare you are the Winner(!) when you get your portfolio of startups to IPO, or you earn 50 Millions Dollars and declare that the bubble has popped.The winner must make it rain and throw their cash winnings in the air while their friends film them in slow-mo.

Maybe Capital is now for sale on our website! Happy Disrupting!

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