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MIND – The Fall of Paradise, the sci-fi strategy boardgame, is now on Kickstarter

MIND – The Fall of Paradise, the sci-fi strategy boardgame, is now on Kickstarter! You can check the Campaign’s page here:



This Kickstarter puts forth four playable Factions in Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury, where each Faction is played by a single player. The game supports Solo play, Competitive and Cooperative, all you have to do is choose and back the Faction you want to play with, or get more to expand your collection or just gift a friend.


Factions are similar but very different in the same time as each Faction has it’s own unique Leader, Superpower, Scenarios, Events and Colony layout.

Want to know what you get yourself into in a game of MIND? Well you should expect to be in control of a colony that needs to be built and expanded upon and your focus has to be on gaining the 5 Achievements in the game: Researcher, Ruler, Dominator, Builder and Seeker.


You can play the game solo, competitive and cooperative. In competitive there can be only 1 winner and the goal here is to have the most Achievements by the end of the last turn. Competitive is not for everyone though as the Take That may be off putting to some players. Then, if that’s the case, you can play cooperative and help each other gain all 5 Achievements and none less, but don’t expect this to be easy. If any of you is missing just one Achievement when the game ends then all players lose the game. One for all and all for one.  

What you should also expect is to negotiate and talk a lot to your friends at the table as you will be discussing alliances, sometimes begging for help or mercy, justifying or laughing with pride at your back stabbing or just trying to mind game others into making them do the play you want. If you are a good politician you should do fine.  


Finally, what you should expect is to be placed in front of some interesting and hard situations that you need to find solutions to. After all, this is a strategy game. You will have to use the limited orders and resources you have to get the maximum done inside your colony. All those burning sectors, malfunctioning structures and jammed doors won’t repair themselves. And you have to keep in mind that your friendly ally can any time turn against you and add some more fire, break some more structures and jam more doors to your already lovely colony. Or… Or he can send some men to help or give you a bonus or two. That’s also a possibility, but it will be your job to read the situation.  

Now I invite you to look at the Kickstarter page that is filled with information about the game and then hop in the comments section to tell us what you think.

Welcome to the world of MIND!

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