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MOBA WARS launches on Kickstarter Feb 14th

Moba WarsMOBA WARS is a new boardgame, set in Entroperyha, a world full of heroes that will fight amongst each other to determine the fate of the kingdoms.

Each hero has its own set of abilities and it depends on you to form a team to reach your goal. Some heroes are on the offensive side, others are magic based, some are pure brutes… The synergies among your team will be key to victory. Along the board that the heroes will cross, they will encounter different neutral monsters, lost souls wandering across Entroperyha, resurrecting over and over again. Monsters like Vampire Bats, Spectral Wolves or Ghouls.

Regarding the structures that you will find, there are towers and the core. Towers are defensive structures that are programmed to stop the enemy’s advance, until they are destroyed letting the heroes and minions carry on to the Power Core. The Core is the player’s heart, and its loss will cause defeat.

MOBA WARS is a boardgame based on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games that have became so famous on internet in recent years. MOBA WARS has managed to become a bridge between both worlds, computer games and board games.

MOBA WARS will be launched on Kickstarter on February 14th. Don’t miss the opportunity to support the ultimate MOBA boardgame!

For more information visit our website, meet all the heroes and learn about the misterious world of Entroperyha.


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