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Mothership Tabletop Game On Kickstarter

Mothership is a tabletop combat game for 2-6 players. Unique to the game is your Mothership Control Panel that allows you to change up your ship’s stats based on energy.

You can divert all power to shields and blaze through an asteroid field or throw all power to engines and race to your enemy’s base. You’ll also need to balance your weapon power too.

mothership kickstarter game

New and old war-gamers can play together in this lighter take on turn based strategy. Capture and explore planets, upgrade your fleet and take down other players. The game can also be played in teams or with alternative victory points rules.

mothership board game

However you decide to play, Mothership will be the most fun you’ve had rolling dice in ages!

Hear what critics are saying about Mothership:

mothership kickstarter board game

The Mothership Kickstarter has entered it’s final week! Also check out the new expansion pack ‘Into the Vortex’ featuring exclusive black and silver fleets.

View the Kickstarter campaign here:

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