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Omen Quest Card Game Review

Omen Quest KickstarterFor fans of battle card games, especially those who like the classic game War, you’ll want to take a look at Omen Quest. An updated version of War, with unique rules and nice-looking art, Omen Quest pits two (or four) players against each other in a battle of supremacy.

To play Omen Quest, each player chooses a side, good or evil, and takes the corresponding Guild deck. Each player also received 10 Havens matching their chosen side and 10 coins, which can be used to play combos. The player using the evil deck begins play.

Omen Quest is played over the course of four rounds, or five rounds if there is a tie, so most games are on the short side, lasting between 10 – 20 minutes. It is possible for the game to Omen Quest Gameend early if either player runs out of Havens.

As with the classic card game War, players take turns playing a card (or card combo) from their hands in an effort to beat the card (or card combo) played by their opponent. Unlike War, Omen Quest uses custom suits and card values along with list of combos, cards that can be played together to increase their hierarchy rank. Omen Quest has the familiar King and Queen cards from a standard poker deck, but adds unique cards like the Aegis, Wrath, Cast, and Attack. Some of these card types, Attack and Block for example, have values from 1 – 3, while other card types do not have values. Cards with a higher value beat cards with a lower value, no matter the type of card played. Cards with the same value function much like Rock, Paper, Scissors with Attack beating Block, Block beating Cast, and Cast beating Attack.

In order to pull additional cards from your Guild deck, usually in an effort to create a combo, players can burn one Haven for each card they wish to draw (up to a maximum of three cards). If your hand is decidedly awful, you may spend a coin to discard it entirely and draw a new hand of five cards. Players may do this twice per turn.

Creating combos can be a useful and effective way of winning a round. There are seven different combos in Omen Quest with an Ultima being the best (playing 3 Wrath cards or 3 Aegis cards) and a Cardinal being the worst (playing a God card with a Cast value 3 card). All combos cost at least one coin to play, but most combos cost two coins. Playing (and winning with) an Ultima also forces your opponent to burn two Havens. In addition to playing three Wild cards by themselves (which is the second best combo), a Wild card may be substituted for a missing card in order to create a combo. What makes up the different combos, and what beats what, isn’t always intuitive. Thankfully, a reference card is provided to alleviate this issue.

Omen Quest Kickstarter GameThe player that wins the most rounds wins the game. If there is a tie on the fourth round a fifth round is played. During the fifth round, only two coins and two Havens may be used. Omen Quest does include rules for a four player version of the game, which is played with teams.

Final Thoughts

The art on the face cards is really nice. If Omen Quest used a standard poker deck I’d buy it just to have a cool looking deck of cards. The custom coins are also a nice touch. Gameplay is short, the game doesn’t take up a lot of table space, and it comes in a compact box. If you like the classic card game War, you’ll undoubtedly like and enjoy Omen Quest as it expands on that idea/concept.

Omen Quest is currently live on Kickstarter and could use your support.

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