dead men tell no tales

Pirates on Kickstarter!

Don’t have enough pirate themed games?  Who does, quite honestly.  I mean how many is enough anyway?  Lucky for you, there are two pirate themed games on Kickstarter ending within a week.

dead men tell no tales gameThe first is Dead Men Tell No Tales by Minion Games.  DMTNT is a cooperative board game that looks really solid.  That shouldn’t be a surprise with Minion Games’ track record.  This one is down to the final 48 hours so you better act fast.  It is already fully funded and some cool stretch goals have been unlocked.  However, there are still more stretch goals left to unlock.  Seriously, a co-op pirate game!?  Yes, please!

pirate loot game boxThe second game is Pirate Loot by Minotaur Games.  This is Jason Bulmahn’s (of Pathfinder fame) pet project.  I had the pleasure of playing this fast paced card game at Dragon Con and both the wife and I enjoyed it.  Trying to gather the best pirate crew is never easy, pirates being untrustworthy cutthroat types, but in Pirate Loot the other players are actively trying to sabotage your chance of success.  This game has just the right amount of strategy, luck, and player-screw that keeps it entertaining until the end.  Pirate Loot is fully funded and has 5 days to go.

So which pirate themed game is right for you?  If you like cooperate games then you should look at Dead Men Tell No Tales.  However, if teamwork isn’t your thing then Pirate Loot is more up your alley.  I don’t think either game will let you down, but if you want to get Dead Men Tell No Tales you need to act fast as there is only 48 hours left in the campaign.

So what are you waiting for, head over to Kickstarter now before I make you walk the plank!

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