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Project “Management” – A Soul Crushing Card Game

If you’ve worked in an office full of “unique” people, you can probably relate to the theme of this tabletop game.

Project “Management” is a cynically satirical game of office politics and government inefficiencies. So have a laugh about your crappy office (instead of a cry), your boss won’t even know.

project management kickstarter game

You and up to 5 friends (or disgruntled coworkers) get to play the “prestigious” role of Project Manager for the Department of Non-Delivery. While you all work under the same roof, each of you have your own projects to complete. You’ll need a team, which you’ll assemble from the organisations available pool of resources.

Your objective is to move your projects progress from 0 to 100, or at least, get closer than everyone else by the time the game ends.

Your project doesn’t even need to be good, it just needs to give the impression of being good, or at least, slightly better than everyone elses!

Primarily this game is all about the comedy, and all the fun ways in which you can use office politics to your advantage. Who cares if your team is useless, you can pull some strings, surely.

While there is a board, primarily this game is played with cards, much like a dueling game.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to play, and is designed for 3-6 to players.

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