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Roll For It Deluxe Edition with Cassidy Werner

While at Gen Con this year, I was lucky enough to catch up with Cassidy Werner of Calliope Games. Cassidy was nice enough to let me see the Deluxe Edition of Roll For It and I’ve got to say: the game is beautiful. The artwork on the cards is amazing and was illustrated by Echo Chernik. But the beauty doesn’t stop there. The packaging is also well thought out and comes in a great looking felt-lined tin.

Cassidy also told me about an exciting Kickstarter project that Calliope Games will launch in January 2015. Now, when I say exciting, I mean it. This project, called Titan Series, has some very seasoned industry veterans working on it, like: Rob Daviau, Michael Elliott, James Ernest, Matt Forbeck, Richard Garfield, Seth Johnson, Eric Lang, Mike Mulvihill, Paul Peterson, Mike Selinker, Jordan Weisman, and Zach Weisman. Whew, that’s a lot of talent. This is one Kickstarter to definitely look out for.

Do you like Tsuro, Calliope Games most popular title? Well, it just so happens that Calliope Games is releasing a luxury edition. What makes the Tsuro Luxury Edition so special you ask? For starters, it comes with a $350 price tag. You read that right. You didn’t think I said plain old deluxe edition did you? The Tsuro Luxury Edition will come with a raw silk covered board, miniatures, synthetic stones, and more. It is a definite collector’s version, but if $350 is too much for you, Calliope Games is also releasing a Tsuro app for iOS and Andriod.

Look for the Roll For It Deluxe Edition on store shelves in November. Hey, that’s just in time for Christmas!

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