RONE kickstarter

RONE launches on Kickstarter

RONE (Races of New Era) is a strategic post-apocalyptic card game for 2 or 4 players set in a dark world full of destruction and suffering. It combines exciting and unique card game mechanics with enormous possibilities of how to play the game.

Game play immerses you in a dark world where people are fighting to reestablish their place in the fallout following a global nuclear war.  The war evaporated every achievement of the human race, leaving behind only a handful of usable resources for the remaining scattered groups of survivors. Now, they must fight each other for dominance over the remnants of the past. It is now your turn to join the global war: recruit soldiers, battle machines, powerful hybrids or tremendous mutants into your army; then equip them with the available technologies and show your enemies who rules the new world order.

RONE Wastelands

The game itself is very simple to learn, but really hard to win. The basic game mechanics does not put emphasize on the cards themselves, but rather on the ability how players can play with them and maximize the synergy of given cards’ minor effects.

Together, these mechanisms allowed us to create a random game mode we call the “SHUFFLE MODE”. This game mode is really fun to play and easy to set up. Players simply randomly create their deck, pick their hero, and the game can begin. This random distribution of the cards results in a completely new experience every game you play and you still play in well-balanced gaming environment.

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