Royal Cup Releases Icebreaker and Firemaker: The Social Card Games for Wallflowers

Equipped with Royal Cup: Icebreaker and Firemaker, these timid souls will finally be able to level the playing field, and make the most out of their social experiences.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – May 30, 2018 – As the Kickstarter Campaign for Royal Cup: Icebreaker and Firemaker launches today, the founders of Royal Cup, LLC look onwards and upwards, aiming to redefine how we make and develop deeper friendships. Both games are designed with one overarching question in mind: does this help break the ice?

Beyond the game, the team also dreams to foster greater inclusion, and the inaugural version will be launching in four languages: English, German, Spanish, and Persian. In addition, the team has committed to donating 5% of all profits to non-profit charities battling homelessness, bullying, and those striving to provide better educational opportunities for children.

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Created over the course of four years across 10 countries, Royal Cup is the brainchild of founders Aryo Winterblack (United States), Julia Posch (Austria), and Sahar Shams (Iran). “This game differs from every other card game out there because the objective is not to win for bragging rights, but to develop deeper friendships, break the metaphorical ice, come out of your shell, escape your comfort zone and let loose,” explained Winterblack. “I believe Plato once said ‘you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation,’ and in the age of smartphones, social media and ‘Incels’ people need something like this more than ever.”

About the game:
● 58 cards in a deck
● Number of players: 4-14 players
● Recommend ages: 16+ for Icebreaker, 18+ for Firemaker

The cards are spread face-down in a circle and the players take turns drawing cards and responding to the actions required–no rule memorization required. Each card calls for a social interaction of some sort, including sharing stories or secrets on very-specific (and often private but not-too-private) topics. There are also cards that completely disrupt the normal order of the game, including the highly-coveted-and-sought-after “Licktator” card. These hilarious, time-tested rules are all meant to guarantee that people will be laughing and creating unforgettable memories. In fact, the creators are so confident in this that they’re willing to eat a jalapeño for every unsatisfied customer, and for every thousand dollar raised during their campaign.

Our Story Short Video:
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Kickstarter Video

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