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Skyline Chess NYSkyline Chess are delighted to announce the launch of their latest crowd funding campaign for the New York City edition, the second in their range of architecturally themed chess sets.

Founded by two London based architects, Chris and Ian. They take iconic architecture from around the world and re-imagine it as pieces on a chessboard, allowing you to play with your favourite cities and pit them against one another.

Building on the successful concept that led to the London edition, Skyline Chess have taken inspiration from New York’s world-renowned architecture and transformed it into Skyline Chesscarefully crafted and beautifully detailed chess pieces.

Featured in this set are some of the Big Apple’s most iconic buildings, with One World Trade Centre as the King and the Empire State Building as the Queen. Capturing the essence of the early 1900’s construction boom and growth of high rise in the city, the Chrysler building and the Flatiron building play the Bishop and Knight respectively. The spiralling, sculptural form of the Guggenheim museum plays the Rook and iconic brownstone houses typical of the lower East side are cast as the pawns.

Merging our passion for architecture and chess we wanted to create an eye-catching and unusual board game that would appeal to both chess players and lovers of design and would compliment the London set. We are excited at the prospect of giving players the opportunity to pit two of the world’s most iconic cities against one another in a striking game of chess.



Our crowd funding campaign is seeking to raise ten thousand pounds/thirteen thousand dollars in order to finalise the prototyping, packaging and the first production run of the NYC edition and allowing us to bring a truly unique piece of design to the market.

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