Sushi Go! A Cute Card Game

Sushi GoSushi Go is a small great filler game that involves a drafting mechanic and set collection. It might look and sound quick and simple, but there is a lot of strategy in this compact game.

Sushi GoGameplay

Every player is dealt anywhere from 7-10 cards depending on how many players there are and there are three rounds in every game. In the first round, all players will pick a card and place it face down in their play area and then everyone reveals their face down card altogether. Next, they pass the rest of the cards to the person on their left and everyone receives a new set of cards with one less card. This continues on till everyone has played all cards in their play area and then everyone scores the cards based on what they chose to collect that are currently in play. You do this for three rounds and then total all points; whoever has the most points wins.

Choosing the right cards is where all the fun and strategy will come into play because you never know what hand your are going to get (unless you have a really good memory and can remember what everyone’s hand of cards are) and you only get to choose one card at a time (except for when you choose the chopsticks card).

Sushi Go CardsPositives

This is a light and quick game. It comes in a small tin box but contains loads of fun and strategy. It is very simple to teach and learn and it would be a great game to bring out for new gamers, and at the same time it would still be a fun game to play for the regular board gamer.


The art work and quality of cards look and feel great. The rule book is straightforward with great and colorful illustrations explaining what each card does. Everything comes in a size of a tin box (about average hand Sushi Go Game Componentssize) that can fit anywhere perfect for traveling.


It might be too cute for some but you can slap on any theme you want and it would not affect the gameplay. Sushi Go! is simply a sushi themed game where the mechanics has nothing to do with the theme. It also does not come with a score tracker. Pen and paper not included. However, I believe the older version of this game did have a score tracker using cards. That said, it’s still a fun game to play if you can get past the cuteness and if it doesn’t bother you to go rummage for a pen and paper when you need it most!

Sushi Go Card GameReplay Value

You use the entire deck once in all three rounds of the game so each round will always be different. For example, the first round can contain all of the chopstick cards but in the next round there can be none since you’re going through the entire deck in all three rounds and you’re not shuffling those discarded chopstick cards back in for a new round. After awhile you might get a tendency to go after the same cards all the time, but you can’t really guarantee that you will end up with the same cards in your play area every game. I think you would have to play it multiple times before it starts to get old, but even then, it would still be a great game to teach to new gamers and you would still be able to enjoy playing it with them.

Overall, it’s a fun and simple game. Great for all gamers despite the game being too cute.

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