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The Greatest Snake is Live on Kickstarter!

The Greatest Snake is a goofy party game that’s easy for anybody to pick up and play, and launches on Kickstarter March 27. The concept of the game is simple: Start with a small snake that’s made up of just a few cards, and try to grow to the winning length before any other player. You do this by eating rat cards with various side effects and special abilities, like AristocRat, who will try to bribe you not to eat it!

greatest snake kickstarter

When your snake grows in the game, it physically grows in front of you, using more cards to show your snake superiority! Of course, what kind of game would it be if you couldn’t deck your snake out with fashionable clothing, or tie a sword to its back so it can do battle with the other snakes in the game? And thus, to help you eat rats and prevent your opponents from doing so, you have equipment to play on your snake! The longer you are, the more equipment you can have. Equip a Grabber Claw that lets you squeeze rats out of other snakes, a Chef Hat that lets you digest faster, or maybe a Jet Pack that lets you dodge! Out of room for equipment? That’s what power cards are for! Play these cards at any time to throw a wrench into the game. You can use these to do everything from gluing a snake’s mouth shut, to stealing their equipment. Do whatever you have to in order to become the greatest!

greatest snake game

The Greatest Snake is being developed by Darren Urmey and Joshua Kurtz, with fantastic art by Max Kay. Darren is an alumni of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Game Design and Development program, and Joshua has a deep passion for snakes, games, and snake games. If you have any questions, you can contact them through the Kickstarter page, their Facebook page, or at

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