ticket to ride 10th anniversary

Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition

ticket to ride 10th anniversaryIs it worth it?  I’m sure that is the question on a lot of your minds.  The short answer is: absolutely!

Do you need this version if you already own the original and the 1910 expansion?  Maybe not entirely, but if your copy is dinged up or you favor the larger board and new trains, then yes, certainly.

If you don’t already own Ticket to Ride, the 10th Anniversary Edition is definitely the version to pick up.

Here’s why.

For starters, the new trains look great.  They are larger than the old trains, and each color is unique in shape.  To top things off, each of the new train sets are stored in individual metal tins.  These are a much better storage solution than the old plastic baggies.  Now, instead of dumping your trains out onto the table, they can be kept in their tin all nice and neat.  The tins and the trains look great.  The game just feels and looks better with these new additions.

ticket to ride dutch flat barrelThe next major overhaul is the game board itself.  The new board is 50% larger than the original.  Which means the map is pretty darn big now.  The board also features a new illustration.  Having a 50% larger board is great, unless you are restricted by space.  The new board does not fit on a standard card table.  If your normal gaming table is card table sized or smaller, you’ll need to be okay with some of the board hanging off the edges.

The destination tickets from the 1910 expansion are included.  All of the cards are standard size and feature updated artwork.  All of this newness fits nicely in the box.  You’ll never have to worry about getting everything back into the box because everything has its place.

ticket to ride trainsGameplay is that of the same Ticket to Ride that we all know and love.  In the off chance that you aren’t familiar with Ticket to Ride, it is a fantastic game that you should add to your game library.  The game is easy to understand and explain; the new rules take up two pages, which include images.  The goal of Ticket to Ride is to obtain the most points by connecting train routes to various cities.  Routes vary by color and length.  The longer the route, the more points it is worth.  The route color that you can claim is determined by the color of the cards that you draw and play.  You must play one card of the corresponding color for every space of a given route.  Each time you do this you place your trains on the board, thus claiming that route, which gives you points.  It is way more fun than I’m probably making it sound and Ticket to Ride is definitely a game you’ll play again and again.

Even if you own 3 or 4 other maps/versions/expansions this is still unquestionably a must have.  If you own that much of the Ticket to Ride franchise, you obviously like the game.  Playing with the new trains on the large map is simply a joy.

ticket to ride metropolitan rapid transit trains

ticket to ride circus railway trains

ticket to ride black powder railroad trains

ticket to ride hobo caboose central

ticket to ride dutch flat barrel

ticket to ride trains & map

ticket to ride trains & map

ticket to ride map detail

ticket to ride map detail

ticket to ride map detail

ticket to ride map

ticket to ride map on card table – notice how much it hangs off the edge

ticket to ride contents storage

ticket to ride 10th anniversary

ticket to ride 10th anniversary edition

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