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Tsuro, the Award-winning Puzzle Strategy Game, is Now Available for iOS

Thunderbox takes the Game of the Path from the Tabletop to your Mobile Device

Thunderbox Entertainment and Calliope Games are proud to reintroduce you to Tsuro – the award-winning Game of the Path… this time on your mobile device!

Praised for its accessible gameplay, strategic depth and elegant design, Tsuro just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Thunderbox are thrilled to mark the occasion by transporting the serene, path-building experience from the table to the tablet.

“One of the prettiest apps you’ll ever see… as close as you can get to opening up a box and playing the cardboard version.” – Board Game Geek

To faithfully recreate the tactile sensation of playing the board game, and to do justice to its sublime artwork, Thunderbox has pulled out all the stops to make sure that the 3D visuals and intuitive touch-based controls in Tsuro are state-of-the-art. They even shrunk the box!

Tsuro 01 - Tutorial


And all this beauty comes with plenty of brains. Along with the sparkling graphics, the Tsuro experience is enhanced with three AI opponents ranging from dumb to devious, three new mind-bending ways to play, and over 50 challenging achievements.

“Tactile and nearly photorealistic… could well become the new gold standard” – App Addict

Tsuro is best enjoyed with friends and family… that’s why Thunderbox created a fun and safe multiplayer experience, both on and off-line. Whether you’re playing around one device, taking turns against your Facebook friends, or competing to build the longest path, your chums are never far from the board!

Tsuro 04 - Solo Mode


Tsuro Features…

Easy enough for a child to learn, deep enough for them to beat you!

A “zero UI” philosophy to deliver a board game experience so real you could touch it.

Tsuro in all its glory, modeled in full 3D, with high-res textures and silky smooth animations.

The original game + 3 new ways to play: Longest Path, Loop Battle and Solo Mode.

Over 50 achievements to put your path-building abilities to the ultimate test.

Choose from 3 AI personalities – Silly, Clever or Tricky – to challenge your strategic skills.

Supports up to 8 players, around one device or online through your Facebook friends list.

No in-app purchases, no fake currencies, no timers, no ads. Just good clean fun, hassle-free!

Tsuro 01 - Nexus 5 - Open The Box

Tsuro is now available on the App Store, for all devices, at the introductory sale price of $3.99 (reg. $4.99), and will also be available on Google Play for Android devices very soon.

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