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Vengeance: Bringing Revenge Movie action to the Boardgame World!

Vengeance Kickstarter Vengeance is a miniatures board game currently on Kickstarter that embodies the essence of pulp revenge movies like Kill Bill, Old Boy, Django Unchained and the like. You play a hero that has been left for dead by shady underworld gangs, out to avenge yourself.

You win by building your hero up into an unstoppable killing machine, mowing down the villains who wronged you, bursting into their bosses’ dens to lay down your vengeance upon them in action-packed fight sequences.

“A very, very clever action dice puzzle game” – Rahdo Runs Through

Vengeance is a 2-4 player miniatures game that takes 30 minutes per player to complete. The core game includes 4 gangs: Zuce Clan, Lordz, Tengu-Kai and the Hell Riders. The Rosari Gang Pack expansion adds a new gang, a new hero and the necessary components to take the maximum number of players to 5.

“There are very few games out there that really capture exactly the feel of what they’re going for. A lot of games try. But there are some games that do it perfectly. Vengeance is definitely one of them.” – Undead Viking

For an overview of the game check out Rahdo’s run through here and here, and his Final Thoughts here!

Vengeance game layout

About Vengeance:

Number of Players: 2-4 (stretch goal for single player option)
Play Time: 30 minutes per player
Recommended Age: 14+

Vengeance Game Art

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