posthuman saga

Posthuman Saga is Live on Kickstarter

“From the arrogance of Mankind a new life is born.
This new life shall pave the way.
The future shall be pure.
The old world shall be cleansed.
The Evolved shall inherit the Earth.”
– No Human – 2033

Posthuman Saga is a tactical survival adventure set in the post-apocalyptic world of Posthuman. You are a survivor in a near-future Europe that has collapsed under the weight of its own political errors, in the wake of a bloody class-war fueled by genetic modifications.

You play an experienced member of the Fortress’ militia, sent out beyond the defensive perimeter to explore and hopefully reconnect with outposts the Fortress has lost touch with, while searching for scavengeable sites along the way. You have to forge across a crumbled land where resources are spare and mutants roam the ruined mansions and forests alike.

posthuman saga miniature

Players win by completing various objectives that suit different characters and playing styles. It has an emphasis on tactical choices on two levels: the journey expressed through an innovative modular tile map puzzle and the individual story and combat encounters.

posthuman saga

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