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The Most Highly Anticipated Board Games of 2018

With board games, players can enjoy physically having a hand in the gameplay and will find this form of gaming to be a great way to socialize and pass the time. Here are some of the most anticipated board game titles that will be seen in 2018.

The 7th Continent – What Goes Up, Must Come Down Expansion

The new expansion for The 7th Continent, “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” is one of the games that many players will be looking for in 2018. This game can be played with up to 4 players and it offers two new curses to the game, A Prison of Clouds and The Veins of the Earth. The new expansion offers an additional 250 cards and the game will be set in the clouds with an air balloon being the main focus. The game is great for those that like strategy play and it is a board game that can be played solo or with other players.

7th continent expansion

Scythe: The Rise of Fenris Board Game

This exciting new game will be on the market in 2018 and it marks the final expansion to the Scythe game. Offering 11 interchangeable modules and a replayable campaign, the game can provide hours of thrills. Each episode and module will offer a mystery and the new game release will include 13 miniatures, 2 custom dice, 25 titles, 100 tokens and 62 wooden tokens. The game is set in Europa during a new age of prosperity and mysterious soldiers appear, though they seem to be harmless at first. This strategy game is great for history buffs or those that like a game that can offer a long playing session. The new Scythe expansion will offer something different and the game is due to appear in the third quarter of 2018.


Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

Portal Games has announced the first board game release for 2018 and players are already eagerly awaiting Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. The game follows a storyline and is designed to be played by 1 to 4 players. While playing the game, each player will take on the role of an investigator that is working for a government agency. They will each be provided with login credentials to access the government database online and view date on suspects, various witnesses, documents on arrests and more. Any other resources will be allowed to be used to help players solve their cases and win the game. This new and exciting board games is one that combines the classic type of board game with online elements, creating a modern way to enjoy gaming at home. When the game is released, it will offer 5 different scenarios for players and there will be a number of components that are of the highest quality. Portal Games has a great reputation for designing board games that tell a story and this new release is just one more title that will thrill players all over the world.

Detective Board Game

Sorcerer: A Strategy Card Game

Players who love fantasy themed games that offer a bit of darkness and mythology will appreciate the Sorcerer: A Strategy Card Game that will be released in 2018. This game is designed to be enjoyed by two to four players and two ancient powers will be fighting against each other to find out who has the strongest lineage. Players will be able to make use of sorcery throughout the game and will be able to cast and conjure minions and find enchanted items that will help them achieve game goals. The game will require skill and strategy and I a board game that takes classic gaming to a new level. There is also a Battle Phase in the Sorcerer game that enhances the action and makes the game quite interesting. The game offers a great balance between strategy and traditional and random elements and players will enjoy the storyline as they progress.

The original Sorcerer game was first developed in 2012 and a Print and Play version of the game was published in 2014. With this latest release in 2018, players will enjoy many of the same elements from the initial game and will surely love the added action and unique features that have been included to make this one of the most anticipated board games to be released in 2018.

sorcerer board game

Terraforming Mars – Unnamed 2018 Expansion

Terraforming Mars has been a hit board game since its initial release and in 2017, the developing company offered two expansions to the game. In 2018, players will see two more, though the names of these expansions have not been released as of yet. The game is one of the best strategy games available and players will take on the role of companies that are remaking Mars. As the game progresses, players will spend money and use resources to purchase cards that represent technology and buildings that are used to terraform the planet. The game comes to an end when three conditions have been met. These include the oxygen level being raised to 14%, the temperature to rise at least 8 degrees and 9 different ocean tiles are placed on the board. This sci-fi strategy game can be played with 1 to 5 players and each player will compete to earn the most victory points and to meet the stated conditions to win the game.

Looking Forward Throughout 2018

While video games and mobile gaming have become very popular forms of playing games, many players still appreciate the basics of a board game. Luckily, there are some new games that will be hitting the market this year and players will enjoy a variety of themed games that can bring about much entertainment. Over the years, successful board games have been turned into other types of games, such as online slots and other online games. For example, monopoly board game also has a slot machine!. The Monopoly slot machine extends a variety of platforms, and can be played at land-based and online casinos and is also available for download on Android and iOS mobile phones. These can often be found in the “casual games” section of an online casino, where other board game type games can be found. In most instances, players will be required to place a bet and roll the dice to progress through the stages for a prize. Don’t be surprised if you see a new version of the ever-popular Monopoly hit the stands in 2018.

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